I'm teaching an online "Technical Services" course, which includes
cataloging --
a module I've been putting off since this is my first time teaching online
and I
haven't quite figured out how to do that part!

As for chat times, I have used them initially for office hours.  I set a time
when I'm available each week and folks can 'visit' or not.  I also tell them
to let me know if they need to schedule another time.  My students are in
the TWU DE/DL program and are in time zones from Eastern to Pacific.

I am planning my first "class chat" and am in the midst of surveying the
students as to their preference for times.  Since it is a large class, I am
planning two sessions -- to cut down on the number interacting at one time
and to accomodate 4 time zones.

         -- Jeanette

At 06:36 PM 9/30/2004, Cheryl Boettcher Tarsala wrote:
>   It looks great. I've read two pages--I'm a convert.  It comes at a
>good time because I see in this (my first) online course that the
>students aren't really where I'd want them to be with rules and
>coding. I think the #1 reason is that there are fewer hours of live
>time (2 hours) each week and that's 1/2 the time on-campus students
>get for the same course. Previous iterations of the course didn't
>have this, so I never would have thought of it as a structured
>Q: how do you decide when to schedule your chat sessions? It seems
>like all of your students are in the same time zone!
>Q: does anyone have any observations of chat vs. web board on this issue?
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