JAC ballot 2004-10 - Sranan Tongo

Please vote by 2004-10-22

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(A) Inclusion:

___ I am in favour of including Sranan Tongo in the alpha-3 code table of
ISO 639-2.

___ I am opposed to including Sranan Tongo in the alpha-3 code table of ISO


(B) Identifier:

___ I accept the identifier "srn".

___ I do not accept the identifier "srn".


(C) Names:

___ I accept the English name "Sranan Tongo".

___ I do not accept the English name "Sranan Tongo".


___ I accept the French name "sranan tongo".

___ I do not accept the French name "sranan tongo".


___ I accept the indigenous name "sranang".

___ I do not accept the indigenous name "sranang".


(D) General comments:

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This data was submitted on: Thursday, May 27, 2004 at 11:56:03

lang_in_eng = Sranan Tongo
lang_in_fre = idem
ref_where_found_1 = Check University Library Amsterdam (keywords) lang_in_vern = sranang
(spelling variant) ref_where_found_2 = 
trans_lit = 
evidence = The University Library has 94 publications 
see als ISBN 99914-64-06-9
Titel:        Een geschiedenis van de Surinaamse literatuur / Michaël Henricus
Gertrudis van Kempen
Deel:         *Dl. V*Bijlagen, lijst van geraadpleegde archieven, bibliografie,
summary, résumé / Michiel van Kempen
Uitgever:     Paramaribo : Okopipi
Jaar:         2002
addinfo = Spoken in Suriname, it is the lingua franca of this country with
multiple languages.. Over 1 million speakers... A tradition of over two
centuries in publishing in this language.. 

Also spoken by Suriname people in the Netherlands (half a million?)
request_addition = ISO 639-2 only 2_code_suggestion = 
3_code_suggestion = srn
submit_name = Tjebbe van Tijen
submit_email = [log in to unmask]
submit_status = Curator & Librarian at the University Library Amsterdam
1973-1990 Librarian in Surinam Paramibo (1990) Foundation for Scientific In
I am not the specialist in the field, but I will happy to make the
contact... but while building a new cataloging system I was again irritated
by the limitations of the ISO language lists and started to cinsider the
much better listing of the Summer Institute of Linguistics instead and make
an ISO 639 mapping to that.

Also ther are other variants like Surinami-Hindi and Surinaams-Javaans

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The alpha-3 identifier "srn" is used for this item in draft 639-3.