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> Let's back up for a moment. The discussion is about whether we can
> abandon enumerated lists in our schemas (Mods, Mads,...) and instead
> the elements/attributes that define them as AnyURI. (And I think we've
> covered the advantages.)

Oh, sorry.  I thought that was already a done deal, at least for MADS,
but looking back at Rebecca Guenther's mail from August 27th I see it
was still a "proposed" change.

> So the question becomes, "do we"?

Absolutely.  A URI-based scheme, even if you *did* intend to put
restrictions beyond xs:anyURI, could have no less flexibility and
descriptive power than the current scheme, and potentially much more.

> So, the philosophical question of whether it's better to have a uri
> resovles to something (or, the more abstract question of whether an
> uri may indeed resolve to something or not), I think is out-of-scope.

That came from the linked pages, especially: