The "Anime" authority "reference" record doesn't establish this term as a
subject heading--it's just used to put a complex see reference (260 field)
for the term into the catalog, directing users to the correct headings
(e.g., Animated films--Japan, Animated television programs--Japan, Animated

Note the difference between a 260 "see" reference and a 4XX "see from"
reference. The 260 points from the 1XX entry term to other headings. The
4XX itself becomes the entry term pointing back to the 1XX heading. The
alternative to  using the 260 would have been to establish each of the
subdivided "--Japan" headings noted above in order to add "450 Anime" to
each of them.


At 01:49 PM 10/27/2004, you wrote:
>Can some explain the philosophy behind the subject heading 'Anime'
>(sh2003003075).  I can't find any documentation on "untraced reference."
>John Lavalie

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