On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, John Lavalie wrote:

> Can some explain the philosophy behind the subject heading 'Anime'
> (sh2003003075).  I can't find any documentation on "untraced reference."

What this authority record is telling you is that Anime is NOT a valid
subject heading.  You may not/should not assign Anime as a 650 subject
heading in bibliographic records.  Instead, you have to use headings for
specific types of animated media subdivided by Japan, e.g. Animated

The 260 field translates as USE in the printed LCSH.  This is a reference
record because the term Anime refers you to a group or class of other
headings that you have to use instead.  Other animated media that might be
used include Animated television programs--Japan and Animated

Reference records are explained in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject
Headings in instruction sheet H 374.  There is also information about this
in the SACO Participants' Manual that might be helpful.

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