Hi folks,

Here's an interesting question that I'd like to get some feedback from you
on.  I'm wondering what you would record as a statement of extent if you
were to catalog a PowerPoint presentation that's available online if you
decided that you wanted to apply the optional rule at 9.5B3.  This isn't
purely hypothetical.  Please have a look at the following resource:

An atlas of anatomy for the American lobster, Homarus americanus

I've thought of several options that could be taken if one wanted to give
a physical description for this resource:

If I use a term from subrule .5B of one of the chapters of part 1, then I
think that I would consider this a graphic material made up of electronic

53 slides : col., digital, HTML file

Or would you simply consider it an electronic text?:

1 electronic text : col. ill., HTML file

Or would you opt for a term in common usage, perhaps:

1 PowerPoint presentation : col. ill., HTML file

Interestingly, this is a PowerPoint file that has been converted to an
HTML presentation.  I originally thought I should use PowerPoint file
instead of HTML file, but when you look at the URL and the underlying
structure of the resource, it's made up of HTML files.

Anyway, I'd love to hear how people might apply rule 9.5B3 to a resource
like this.


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