As of today, I will be stepping down as Chair of the Policy Committee,
and into the role of Chair Emeritus.  I am writing to thank you all for
your participation in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.  Your
contributions to the bibliographic and authorities databases, to
training efforts and task groups, and your comments on proposed rule
interpretations have helped to move our agenda forward.

But more than that, you all serve as ambassadors, not only in promoting
the Program, but for promoting the value of good and consistent
cataloging and authority records in a timely manner, for making use of
'best practices' whenever possible, and for recognizing that sharing
cataloging across libraries allows us to accomplish more of our work.  I
want to thank you for these efforts and encourage you to find
opportunities to share your knowledge.

And now, I will pass the leadership on to Roxanne Sellberg.  Roxanne and
I have worked very closely together over the past year.  She has taken
the role of Chair very seriously and spent much of the summer planning
and preparing for the coming year.  I hope you will give her the support
that you gave me.

Thank you!

Carlen Ruschoff