At 11:08 AM 11/7/2004 -0500, Konrad Strauss wrote:

>There is only a single error correction system for CD, defined by the
>redbook standard.

May I offer a small but significant correction to the otherwise accurate
post from Konrad?

There is only a single error correction system for CD-DA (Compact Disc -
Digital Audio), defined by the redbook standard.

As I trust we are all aware, there are other means of recording audio on
optical media. Compliance with the standard is required for the resulting
disc to be playable on all compliant devices; witness the problems with
Cactus and other mechanisms for protection of rights.

For example, it might be advisable to archive material in CD Extra or
Enhanced CD format in which a conventional CD player would have redbook
audio in the first session and a CD-ROM drive would access a data session.
Devoting a full CD to a single 78, the data session might consist of an
audio file at high rate (two channels, 192 ksps, 24 or 32 bits
uncompressed) with full documentation. Of course, there is an additional
layer of audio correction in a data session and more ECC can be applied to
the file if one wishes.

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