Hello, Peter,

Here is where I fall down on my knowledge of cataloging, etc.,

But...and you've probably thought this all thorugh...

A thought occurred to me. This is invaluable metadata about specific
recordings. Presumably these recordings are in the NYPL collection as well
(either at Donnell or Lincoln Centre?--it's been years since I've been in NY).

It would be very useful if somehow a tie could be generated between this
information and the recording. Then, someone researching the recording
would find the specific data.

Also, somehow indexing it by the personnel would be very useful. I'm
wondering if it would be useful to an external resource like the All Music

Thanks for listening.


Audio tape restoration
Aurora, Ontario

At 01:42 PM 11/16/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm hoping that those of you cataloging archival collections (as opposed to
>processing and creating finding aids) may be able to help me out.