Dear Joel,
        No hurricanes here--I wish the rest of Florida had been as
fortunate.  I did sell some records to keep from having to move them &
filling up a smaller house.  I kept one case with maybe 1400 items because
I couldn't shake the addiction entirely.  I thought EMOR would be editable
by now, but I'm not getting a world of cooperation in making the database
I have operational.  I'll be sure to put out the word when it is.


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11/22/2004 03:10 AM
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Hi, Dick. How is life now that the hurricane season is over?
I had wondered how you had coped with moving your record collection, but I
heard that you had sold at least part of it, maybe most.  i guess you also
have retired from taking EMOR updates.

Best regards,
Joel Ackerman
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          As of August 18, I expect to be moved into my new address, 510
Harbour Drive, Naples, FL 34103.  A temporary phone number will be 239 263
7889;  it'll probably be changed before long.  This email address will
obtain unless there's a need to change it. It's the only one I currently
have, so obliterate any others you might have on file.  Thanks, and stay
in touch.