At 09:45 AM 11/23/2004 -0500, Robert Hodge wrote:
>At minimum , the recording device should be permanently confiscated as
>that would dissuade all but the most rabid infringer considering the
>cost.. In addition to paying for ALL of the court costs !!

As the marijuana grower should lose his land and the impaired driver should
have his vehicle confiscated.

A balanced solution all around would protect the holder of rights, the
violator and all others involved (projectionist, theater owner, ...).
Draconian measures may give satisfaction to the purist but will surely
tempt the naif to serious violation. We approach the medieval solutions of
public hanging for stealing a loaf of bread.

Note that if the punishment is reasonable, the lawyers may not profit
unduly. When confronted, the violator will be willing to accept a
reasonable punishment - yes, confiscation of the recorder might be its
major component - and may go and sin no more. As the penalty rises, the
willingness to fight the case becomes a compulsion and attorneys enter the
picture. In nature, the vultures do not get the lion's share of the kill,
but in the courts it is often so.

Incidentally, have you ever seen these pirates? Those recorded from the
theater convey little beyond the story line and if you believe that the
plot of Spiderman 2 or The Incredibles is the reason they have proved
popular, I'm afraid your taste qualifies you only for the producer's chair.
I can think of no reason anyone would want to download a contemporary
theatrical release except to prepare to see it in the theater or to be
reminded after the viewing of how effective some bit was there.

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