I should mention that I'm also closely considering a Quadriga system which,
in one package anyway, includes a "Combo 4 x DVD+RW/R - EIDE Drive".  Can
anyone explain just exactly what this drive is? ...manufacturer?  ...etc?
The online specs are no more specific than the quote above.

If it is the kind of CD-R/DVD-R drive that typically accompanies a Dell
product then it is likely to only burn in the DVD+R format.  This is
something I am trying to avoid.


>Hi, Brandon,
>I've had good luck with Plextor 708A drives. They have newer ones that are
>less expensive.
>Good luck!

They do not. The only drawback - and it applies to few of us - is that they
are all EIDE where SCSI CD writers are still available.

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