You should use special splicing tape, e.g. EMTEC (BASF) PW 384.
Overtime, regular adhesive tape get smudgy (glue coming off...)

The colour of the leader tape indicates the tape speed (DIN/IEC

blue = 7.5 ips mono
blue/white = 7.5 ips stereo
red = 15 ips mono
red/white = 15 ips stereo
red/white/black = 15 ips stereo with noise reduction
yellow = end of tape

Studio (broadcast) tape machines have optical detector for speed and
noise reduction...


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Hi folks,

A quick query:

when using leader tape with some old reels which I am digitizing to
CDR, is
it ok to use regular Scotch-type tape when attaching the leader tape
to the
reels?  More specifically, once the transfer is done, is it ok to
said tape on the reels as they are placed back into storage?  Would
kind of tape off-gas or otherwise breakdown chemically over time in
such a
way as to have more deleterious effects on these precious reels than
kind of special splicing tape, and if so where might I acquire some?
bought the leader tape off of e-bay for 20 bucks for 1500 ft of Scotch
Leader Tape.

Thanks for your help.


   Brian Levy
Archiving Consultant to the Cherokee Heritage Center