Various people have been working on such a project, but I'm not sure how far
they've gotten on the "unglamorous" fringe labels.  One of these fellows has
a web site, but I can't recall his name.

Besides, unless it's new stock, there's no guarantee that the record is in
the sleeve in which it was delivered to the retail store.


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> Is there any reference publication of printed 78-rpm record sleeves with
> the
> dates of when various sleeves were used? The ones that were originally
> sold
> with the record.
> As part of the digitizing of the Arhoolie Foundation's Strachwitz
> Collection
> of Mexican and Mexican American Recordings we are scanning the original
> Spanish Language 78 sleeves. Many of the major labels and many Indies
> printed their sleeves in Spanish. Columbia, for instance, had several
> versions in Spanish and we'd like to know the dates these where used.  Is
> there a "The Big 78-rpm Record Sleeve Pictography" book?
> Has anyone ever dated 78 record sleeves? (ha!, ha!)  Can anyone help?
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