Can you supply the matrix numbers?  Some records in this series are in
Columbia's dubing maxtrix number series, made years after the original, and
can be misleading.

Check Spottswood's Ethnic Music on Records.

Steve Smolian

Steve Smolian
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Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 12:59 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Looking for recording date

>I am trying to determine the recording and issue dates of a Columbia 12"
> 78. The disc has a green label and the catalog number is 55037-F. The New
> York Liederkranz performs Mendelssohn's Der Jaeger's Abschied (Wer hat
> dich
> du schoener Wald) under the direction of C.R. Fuchs-Jerin on one side. I
> have searched all the usual discographies and Columbia catalogs that I
> have
> on hand, but this one just seems to have fallen through some crack
> somewhere. I assume that it is pre-1939, due to the unlikeliness of this
> type record being too popular after the Anschluss.
> Anyone know anything about this one? It is in RDI, but the information is
> pretty much transcription-generated gibberish.
> Peter Hirsch