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> Longevity is playback using the error correction system of the day, which
> means the chip has to be identified.  There need to be a list of CD players
> grouped by error correction systems, contunually updated.
> New and better(?) error correction systems should be identified as they
> appear and players using them should be reviewed.


There is only a single error correction system for CD, defined by the
redbook standard. All CDs and players must adhere to this standard - a CD
manufactured in 1985 will play on a player manufactured in 2004 and vice
versa. Even though CDRs use a different system for representing the data on
the disc surface, the data is encoded and extracted in the exact same manner
as manufactured CDs.

There is some variance in how accurately CD players can extract data from
the disc, but this is generally related to the laser mechanism and
circuitry. Additionally, CD players deal with uncorrectable errors in
different ways, higher end players generally have better interpolation
algorithms for concealing these errors. Perhaps this is what you are
referring to.

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