I'm posting this for a colleague on a linguistic project in Alaska:

My question concerns file naming conventions. We are working to create an
archive of the Dena'ina (Athabascan) Audio Collection, which contains a few
hundred tapes, and associated transcription and alignment files. We need a file
naming system for individual audio tracks (narratives) that addresses key
identification information without being too unwieldy or too brief. Some of
this information includes:

-the ID number of the original tape in the collection
-the name (or initials) of the speaker
-the content of the narrative (ie ''tools'' or ''hunting moose'')

Our main problem at the moment is deciding which bits of information should be
part of the file name and which should be included in an index or some kind of
metadata file.

We'd very much appreciate any input or direction to any sources of information
on file naming conventions and audio archiving.
Andrea Berez


I'll pass the answers on to Andrea - thanks!
Susan Hooyenga

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