Thanks for the information, Richard. In answer to question (3), he is a collector and lover of 8 track. I will let him know and we will see just how much of a lover of 8 track he is.

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At 10:42 AM 2004/11/08 -0700, Marlena Wyman wrote:
>Hello - A researcher has asked how to fix 8 track tapes that have broken
>springs or flattened pads. Can anyone out there advise on this?

Hello, Marlena,

There are several ways to approach this.

(1) There is help info at

(2) I offer a service to do this by removing the tape from the cartridge
and using a reel-to-reel recorder with a 4-channel 8-track head in it (it
takes two passes to get all the programs)

(3) I must ask "why?" Almost everything that was released on 8-track was
released on other, more durable formats like LP or at least cassette.

Only the rare one-of-a-kind item really deserves the effort (read expense)
of (2).


Aurora, Ontario
1-877-TAPE-FIX (US and Canada toll free)