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Note the Application Deadline is November 30. 

Job Title: Media Asset Manager (

Duties: The Media Asset Manager will be responsible for collecting, appraising, acquiring, organizing, and preserving media and related material deemed of significance and long-term value to KET. Specific duties include the following: 

*Employ library and archival standards for the storage, cataloging, and retrieval of physical media as well as emerging digital-based content files. 

*Maintain a media archive that is an organized system for all media assets of the agency and that promotes asset longevity and accessibility. 

*Advise and assist staff with documenting, organizing, and transferring to the archives the media and materials generated in the course of program and resource production, including advising on rights management activities. 

*Appraise new accessions for the archives and assign retention periods. 

*Manage a searchable archives database, leading the design, implementation, and metadata standards setting for the cataloging and inventory database system. 

*Oversee and undertake cataloging and data entry based on media content, standards, and guidelines. 

*Oversee the provision of customer service to internal and external archive clients. 

*Perform other duties as assigned. 

Qualifications Knowledge, skills, and abilities required:

*Degree in library science or equivalent; archival experience/training preferred. 
*Experience in the use and creation of databases, spreadsheets, and word processing documents. 
*Effective oral and written communication skills. 
*Familiarity with metadata schemas, content description standards, and television production workflow a plus. 
Salary Dependent on qualifications and experience. 

Send a cover letter, a résumé, and a completed Kentucky state job application, to be received no later than November 30, 2004, to 

Pam Hungate
Employment & Recruiting
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Fax: (859) 258-7764 
The state application form may be downloaded from the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet in Microsoft Word .doc or PDF format.
KET Is an Equal Opportunity Employer