Next Wednesday is the last day to participate in the survey.  Please
consider responding today!  If you have already submitted your
responses, thank you for participating!

Attention Members of the Federal Library and Information Community:

We are pleased to announce that the Federal Library and Information
Center Committee (FLICC) is continuing its cooperation with Outsell,
Inc.'s ( on their annual study, "The
Changing Roles of Content Management Functions."  This invitation to
particpate is for the second part of a two-part survey.  (Outsell
completed the first part of the survey last summer.)

This study, covering industries and government agencies, will focus on
information management functions that buy and deploy external content --
such as information centers and libraries; and market/competitive
intelligence organizations.

Part one of the study which fielded in June 2004, focused on
organization, users, staff, services, content management, and strategic
management. Part two of the study, which is now available, examines
budgets, spending, and vendor evaluation and management.

We realize that there may be more than one individual in your
department who receives this invitation, and we ask  that only one
person from each department or buying unit answer the survey to avoid
duplicate responses from the same organization.

Please be assured that all responses shall remain confidential.  The
data will be analyzed and presented in aggregated form only.

To enter  the  survey, point your browser to:

After answering some introductory questions,  you may download a PDF
version of the questionnaire. The survey must be completed online.

The survey will close at midnight Pacific time on Wednesday November
24th, 2004.

Thank you for your time and participation. If you have any questions
about the study, please email Karen Wilson at [log in to unmask]