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Please help me gather information on the following:
1) Have any of you (or do you know of anyone who has) worked at a
federal library which also served as the public information
desk/reception desk for the entire facility/agency? (Not answering
emails or phone requests but serving as the primary entry point of the
facility.)  Do you know of any federal, corporate, or special library
which has functioned as a combined library/welcome center?

I've been asked to comment on a possible Library/public
affairs/information desk area as part of a new building plan.  The
building would bring together personnel of several different line
offices (of the same agency) which are located in a non-CONUS location.
The idea being promoted by some is that the library should both serve
the information needs of the various line offices and function as the
PA/information desk for all visitors to the building.

2) I'm to provide background information that will be used to present
desires to the Architects/planners who are responsible for planning this
facility which bring together personal from several different line
offices.  I must  provide a couple of different possibilities regarding
size, square footage, breadth of mission, actual function/services to be
offered, staff requirements, layout and "any other information that you
think would be helpful in planning a new library."

This is the only specific information I've been provided:

Estimated facility size - 325,000 to 350,000 sq. ft.
Estimated Size of Library (VERY TENTATIVE) - 10,040 sq. ft.  (I don't
know how they arrived at this beginning figure, but I've been told that
it's still negotiable)
Approximately 400-5000 people from various line offices (Not all
located in the building obviously) would potentially be supported by
this library.

The planning group is "...not completely clear as to what functions the
library should have.  They are contemplating combining it with a public
affairs/information desk function."  I've also been told that they would
imagine the library would incorporate such things as the ability for
staff to visit, sit, and read journals, obtain general and research
support, interlibrary loan support, etc.

Does anyone know of any published standards or guidelines that could
help me? There seem to be plenty for public and academic libraries but
I've not found anything for corporate or special libraries.  All the
line offices are part of the same agency but the library resources
needed to support each can vary quite a bit.  I  have to provide this
information based on just what I've stated.

If anyone with experience in creating a corporate/special library from
scratch or who knows of good resources about how to go proceed with a
project like this is willing to discuss this off-list with me, please
contact me.

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