I don't see that many of us have voted on this one, so I'll be the
first. The issue seems to be whether to include this as a
"macrolanguage". I didn't see any harm in that, so am voting for it.

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Subject: [JACVOTE] JAC ballot 2004-09 - Hindustani

JAC ballot 2004-09 - Hindustani

Please vote by 2004-10-22

Please see additional information below.
Submitted by: Rebecca Guenther

(A) Inclusion:

_XX__ I am in favour of including Hindustani in the alpha-3 code table of
ISO 639-2.

___ I am opposed to including Hindustani in the alpha-3 code table of ISO


(B) Identifier:

_XX__ I accept the identifier "hiu".

___ I do not accept the identifier "hiu".


(C) Names:

_XX__ I accept the English name "Hindustani".

___ I do not accept the English name "Hindustani".


_XX__ I accept the French name "hindustani".

___ I do not accept the French name "hindustani".


_XX__ I accept the indigenous name "hindustani".

___ I do not accept the indigenous name "hindustani".


(D) General comments:

* * * *


This data was submitted on: Wednesday, May 5, 2004 at 15:19:22

lang_in_eng = Hindustani
lang_in_fre = Hindustani
ref_where_found_1 = Rashtriya Sahitya Akademi, India lang_in_vern =
Hindustani ref_where_found_2 = Rashtriya Sahitya Akademi, India trans_lit =
evidence = Rashtriya Sahitya Akademi, India (60-100)
addinfo = About 40-50 % of speakers of the Hindi language actually speak
Hindustani. The Government of India does not officially recognise it but
this is the language from which Hindi and Urdu evolved. All over
India(mainly northern parts) and Pakistan request_addition = ISO 639-1 and
ISO 639-2 2_code_suggestion = hn 3_code_suggestion = hnd submit_name = Arjun
Aggarwal submit_email = [log in to unmask] submit_status = Speaker of
the language and this is my first language.

* * * *


This has been discussed on the JAC email list.

Although "Hindustani" is normally thought to be the "superset" of Hindi,
Urdu, and other variants, the statement in the submission "About 40-50 % of
speakers of the Hindi language actually speak Hindustani" is somewhat

Still, the issue is probably whether a "macro-language" or "language group"
identifier for Hindustani is needed in Part 2. Alternatively, the item may
be encoded in the future Part 5.

An alpha-2 identifier is proposed. The proposed identifier "hn" is
available. However, there doesn't seem to be evidence to support the
assignment of an alpha-2 identifier, an this is not balloted on.

The proposed alpha-3 identifier (hnd) is taken by a different item in 639-3.
This ballot proposes "hiu", which is available.