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Subject: [JACVOTE] JAC ballot 2004-11 - Ainu

JAC ballot 2004-11 - Ainu

Please vote by 2004-11-19

Please see additional information below.

Ballot submitted by (your name): Christian Galinski

(A) Inclusion:

_x__ I am in favour of including Ainu in the alpha-3 code table of ISO

___ I am opposed to including Ainu in the alpha-3 code table of ISO

[There is a request for an alpha-2 identifier as well. However, that
will not be voted on.]

Comments: I am against the inclusion of an alpha-2 identifier

(B) Identifier:

_x__ I accept the identifier "ain".

___ I do not accept the identifier "ain".


(C) Names:

_x__ I accept the English name "Ainu".

___ I do not accept the English name "Ainu".


_x__ I accept the French name "anou".

___ I do not accept the French name "anou".


_x__ I accept the indigenous name "ainu".

___ I do not accept the indigenous name "ainu".

Comments: the indigenous name seems to bee "Ainu Itak" (where Itak means
language, such as in in "nihongo" for Japanese, "zhongwen" for Chinese
and in many other languages); who can confirm that "ainu" (meaning
"human") also stands for the language as well as it stands for the Ainu

(D) General comments:

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This data was submitted on: Friday, August 13, 2004 at 06:49:36

lang_in_eng = AINU
lang_in_fre = ANOU
ref_where_found_1 = 
lang_in_vern = "AINU" means "human". 
ref_where_found_2 = The Ainu people did not have a character. trans_lit
evidence = National Diet Library(1274)
for example 

The AINU Museum(6000) 

addinfo = AINU language: 15 active speakers (1996). 
In the ethnic group: about 15,000 in Japan (second language). see next
request_addition = ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2
2_code_suggestion = AI
3_code_suggestion = AIN
submit_name = OSADA, Takaharu
submit_email = [log in to unmask] 
submit_status = Chairman of the Japanese National Committee for

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This has been submitted for discussion on the JAC email list. There have
been few comments, and no arguments against the alpha-3 identifier.
No-one has been in favour of adding an alpha-2 identifier.

The alpha-3 identifier "ain" is used for this item in draft 639-3.