I don't know enough to say what might be good for the entire community
-- but for myself, if I'm generating METS documents that validate to,
say, v 1.3, I'd like to state have as the schemaLocation and not  I don't want changes in the actual schema
document located at to cause validation
problems for me later on.

I'd be happy to have to point to the 1.3
schema now (because 1.3 is the current spec) and not wait until 1.3 is a
legacy version.   I don't see any harm in having that happen.  Further
elaborations could help me , but I've not thought about them.


Karen Coyle wrote:

>Are you just referring to the URLs for the schemas, or should this also
>apply to the identifier? i.e. should both of these indicate a version,
>or just the URL to the schema?:
>xmlns:METS = ""
>xsi:schemaLocation = "
> "
>I notice that MODS includes a version number in its identifier as well
>as the schema location, which seems to me to be a good idea. That brings
>up the issue of legacy data (i.e. METS records already in circulation),
>but they would be identifiable due to their lack of a version -- which
>doesn't get you to the right version, but lets you know that it might
>not be the latest one.
>On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 11:42, Raymond Yee wrote:
>>I think that in addition to having the URL for the current version of
>>METS ( it would be useful to
>>have a working URL for the current version labelled by the version number.
>>That is, should
>>lead to the 1.3 schema and not generate  a 404 error, which it does
>>right now.
>> (for v1.1) and
>> (for v1.2) work.
>>Presumably, when we move to version 1.4,
>> will come into
>>Is there a reason why
>> will not exist
>>(presumably) until 1.4 becomes the official version? What do others think?
>>-Raymond Yee
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Raymond Yee                          44 Barrows Hall, #3810
Technology Architect                            UC Berkeley
Interactive University Project      Berkeley, CA 94720-3810
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