I am trying to use METS to represent a collection of video files and I
had a certain question about creating a StructMap for them. 

The video files can have two different representations of their content.
In one case the collection of files is divided into logical segments to
attach a context to the actual video content (something like dividing a
book into chapters). The logical segment boundaries do not fall on the
actual digital file boundaries and can even end or start in the middle
of a digital file. 

Apart from this structure, the digital files themselves have a structure
that we would like to capture. Each file in the collection starts with
Bars and Tones, followed by a Title Slide (that contains details about
the video tape), and then the actual video content followed by Bars and
Tones. We would like to capture the exact timings of each of these
entities in a METS StructMap. 

Since both of these structures overlap, would it be correct to represent
them using two different StructMaps? 

Also, if we are to do represent it using two Structmaps as described
above, would the second StructMap (representing the Bars and Tones,
Title Slide, Video data and Bars and Tones) be considered as "logical"
or "physical"?