On Oct 30, 2004, at 11:38 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:

>> If you have any specific thoughts Karen, let me know.
> Well, I know that it would be a great deal of work, but I really think
> we need a "citation" format -- something that is loose enough to carry
> the data from the wide variety of citation styles (and non-styles ;-).

Here's what I ended up sending him as an example, though I didn't have
a lot of time to think through it carefully.  It takes what I see the
best of both existing DocBook support and MODS.

     <biblioentry genre="article">  <!-- I think there needs to be a
classifier attribute on the main element, but preferably controlled -->
       <title>Article Title</title>
       <creator role="author">  <!-- a al DC, broader than "author" -->
          <forename>John</forename>  <!-- firstname is not very flexiblle, or
international-friendly -->
       <bibliorelation genre="academic journal" type="ispartof"> <!--
type is important, but should allow content within it -->
        <title>Journal Title</title>
        <partdetails> <!-- specifics here are less important than a flexible,
grouped, way to indicate page numbers and such -->
              <detail unit="volume">2</detail>
              <detail unit="issue">3</detail>