Hello all-

I have a slide collection that I'm in the final stages of mapping to
MODS from a native metadata format (i.e., *not* from MARC). We have the
great luck of being provided with very specific camera settings used
when taking many of the slides in the collection, e.g., "100 f 4.5 TL"
(TL = telephoto lens). I'm thinking this bit of information might be
useful to include in the MODS records for each of the slides, but I'm
not quite sure where to put it. It would be convenient to put it in an
element with a "displayLabel" attribute so I can say
'displayLabel="Camera Settings"' - but which element? It could possibly
go in <note>, or maybe <physicalDescription><note> (although I'm not
sure that quite fits). <abstract> doesn't seem to quite fit either. I
don't have enough experience with visual resources cataloging in MARC to
know where the best place for this bit of info would be in a MARC
record, so looking at MARC->MODS mappings hasn't helped me make a

I could just leave it out, but I think there are people who would be
interested, so if there's a reasonable place to put it, I'd like to.
Does anyone have any comments on any of the above options, or
alternative options? I'd appreciate any advice you have.



Jenn Riley
Metadata Librarian
Digital Library Program
Indiana University - Bloomington
Main Library E170
(812) 856-5759