Network Bulletin No. 04-63

Date: November 5, 2004

Subject: Staff, network
Index Term: Vacancy Oregon

The attached Vacancy Announcement No. LE040893 advertises an opening for a Principal
Executive/Manager D, Program Manager for Talking Book and Braille Services.  This
management position directs a city and state library service to blind and print-disabled Oregonians
and has a salary of up to $65,832.  Copies of the Applicant Information Form and job
announcement can be obtained from the State of Oregon Library Job Opportunities web site at

For further information contact:

Carolyn Hoover Sung
Chief, Network Division
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POST CODE:  d702
OPEN:  10/15/04
CLOSE:  12/10/04

(Program Manager for Talking Book and Braille Services)

$3720 - $5486 MONTHLY


The Oregon State Library is recruiting to fill the position of Program Manager for Talking Book
and Braille Services.  The Talking Book and Braille Services program provides a wide variety of
reading materials in recorded or Braille formats for an estimated 50,000 Oregonians that have
limited vision    or other disabilities which prevent them from being able to use conventional books
or other printed materials.  Currently, about 6,700 Oregonians are registered borrowers and about
400 institutions receive deposit collections of materials.  In the 2003-2005 biennium the Talking
Books and Braille Services program will have a staff totaling 10.25 FTE employees.  The program
budget is approximately $1.4 million for the biennium.  In the last fiscal year circulation totaled
over 345,000 books and other materials.  The staff is organized as a team that is afforded a high
degree of autonomy in carrying out their day to day work.  The team has a coordinator who
receives additional pay to coordinate the day-to-day production.  The State Library has been a
team-based organization since 1994.

The Oregon State Library is an independent state agency governed by a seven-member Board of
Trustees appointed by the Governor.  The mission of the State Library is to provide quality
information services to Oregon state government, to provide reading materials to blind and print-
disabled Oregonians, and to provide leadership, grants, and other assistance to improve local
library development for all Oregonians.  Further information about the Oregon State Library is
available at


Your cover letter and detailed resume will be reviewed to verify that you meet the qualifications
stated in this section.  To receive credit, your resume must clearly document that you have:

1.     Six years of experience in supervision, staff-technical, or professional-level work relating to the
provision of library services.  This experience must have included at least two years of supervision
and management of a program section, or unit which included: a) development of program rules
and policies, b) development of long-and short-range goals and plans, c) program evaluation, and
d) budget preparation.

2.     A Bachelor's degree or courses in a field related to management, such as Business or Public
Administration, or a field related to the program of the employing agency, may be substituted for
up to three years of the required experience, but will not substitute for the two years of specialized
experience.  In the "work history" section of your application, you must clearly describe your
experience in each of the a), b), c), d) areas listed.  Failure to provide this information may result
in eliminating your application from further consideration.

The outstanding candidate will have an American Library Association (ALA) accredited Master of
Library Science degree.

Your background must have provided you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively
carry out the essential duties and responsibilities of this position.


Major duties and responsibilities of this position include:

Manages all Talking Book and Braille Services (TBABS) functions, including: the machine
lending agency, the volunteer program, collection development, eligibility, loan of books,
magazines, and equipment in a manner consistent with federal law and national standards;
monitors fund raising activities and the TBABS donation fund.

Communicates agency mission, interprets higher level decisions, clarifies program priorities,
identifies present and future resources, and works with both teams to set needed results, and
develop objectives, strategies and timelines for achieving goals and outcomes developed in
conjunction with: patrons, the library community, the State Librarian, the TBABS Advisory
Council, and the State Library Board of Trustees.

Tracks overall team results and evaluates the quality of services provided through development of
measures, review of reports and statistical data, and conferences with reporting staff; coordinates
activities with other agencies or divisions thereof in areas of mutual concern in order to ensure
compliance with established policies, objectives, program priorities and applicable laws, rules and
regulations; reviews information from users of agency services and interested community and
professional groups in order to determine what improvements are needed.

Performs supervisory functions for the programs by participating in the interviewing, selecting and
training of new staff; by managing individual employee performance through accepted
performance management principles and practices; by managing team performance through
accepted team leadership, performance management and staff development principles and
practices; by hearing and resolving employee grievances; and by recommending or initiating
personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, or disciplinary action in order to ensure adequate
and competent staffing for the programs.

Provides policy guidance for both programs by facilitating analysis of all pertinent issues and
information regarding the impact of a proposed policy on the provision of services to target
populations; directs the process of determining the resources necessary to implement such policy
 in order to ensure the efficient and effective provision of services.

Participates in the preparation of biennial and interim budget requests for the programs by using
the principles and practices of budgeting and program management to project resource needs and
prepare required documentation for incorporation in the agency's budget request.

Represents and speaks for the State Library at national, regional and state library association
meetings, and other library-related meetings.


Cover letters, resumes and responses to the 3 exam questions will be evaluated by a screening
committee.  Based on this evaluation, the most suitable applicants will be invited to interview.
Final appointment will be made by the State Librarian.

To apply for this position you must:

1.     Provide a completed and signed Applicant Information Form by 5:00 pm on the closing date,
Friday, December 10, 2005;

2.     attach a cover letter of not more than one page;

3.     attach your answers to the exam questions, not to exceed three pages total, stating how your
knowledge (understanding of principles gained by education, experience or training), and skills
(competencies gained through experience or training) relate to this position; AND

4.     attach a detailed resume that includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of three
professional references;

5.     keep a copy of your application materials for future reference.

Copies of Applicant Information Form and job announcement can be obtained from:

1.     Online from links on the State Library Job Opportunities Website:

2.     In hard copy or e-mail from the State Library administrative office by calling Robin Speer at
(503)  378-4243, ext. 221.

3.     The job announcement can also be seen on the State of Oregon jobs page at:;

To receive credit for Veteran's preference points, a copy of your DD214 Form must be attached to
your Applicant Information Form.

If you have a disability and need an alternative format of the announcement, or if you have
questions about the application process, you may contact Robin Speer, Personnel Assistant, by
phone at (503) 378-4243, Ext. 221, or by e-mail at [log in to unmask]


You must respond to each of the following questions individually and completely.  Use a separate
sheet of paper not to exceed three pages total.  Number your responses to correspond with the
items.  Explain or describe any experience and training related to each item.  Your score will be
based upon your answers.

1.     The person in this position is responsible for managing the direct statewide delivery of library
services to over 6,700 blind and print disabled Oregonians.  Describe how your background has
provided you with expertise in the fields of management and library science that will allow you to
effectively plan, budget, organize, lead and evaluate the provision of talking book and Braille

2.     The person in this position will serve as a Program Manager for an 10 person work team and
will need to use effective group leadership, performance management, employee relations and
communication skills.  Explain how your experience and background has equipped you to
supervise and lead teams of employees, and to communicate effectively, orally and in writing,
within the agency and with customers, community partners and stakeholders.

3.     Talking book libraries across the U.S. are looking forward to being able to offer digital talking
books to their users in a few years.  What do you see as some of the most important management
issues we will face in making the transition from cassette talking books to digital talking books and
what would your approach be to dealing with these issues?


Robin Speer, Personnel Assistant
Oregon State Library
250 Winter St. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301-3950
Phone: (503) 378-4243, Ext. 221.
e-mail: [log in to unmask], FAX: (503) 585-8059