> Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 14:13:24 +0000
> From: Dr Robert Sanderson <[log in to unmask]>
> > _Wow_, I'm gald I missed this discussion!  :-)
> Galled? You should be! ;)

*ZAP*  Once again, the self-apppointed grammar policeman is undone by
a humble typo.  I bow before your 1337 sk1llz.  Anyway --

> I used my PhD work as an example of how the FRBR model is totally
> inadequate to deal with real world situations.  (In as much as
> anything like the below could be described as 'real world')

Yup, I have read the thread.  It was interesting.  If we had an
infinite amount of funding I would love to thrash right through to the
bottom of this mess -- I think there is deep voodoo here, and it's
possible that _no-one_ properly understands the ramifications of all
this modelling yet.  Unfortunately, there is an inexplicable lack of
customers prepared to pay us all to sit around in D.C. chatting about
levels of metadata and how they interact with FRBR.  (Which, BTW.,
really ought to be pronounced "foobar".)

> Suffice to say, nobody really cared, but it stopped anyone from
> saying that we needed to do some strange FRBRization of CQL and
> context sets.

Ye-eesss ...  But by way of collateral damage, it also killed what I
thought was an interesting proposal from -- I think it was you -- to
do with explicitly stating the meta-ness level of the data we want to
search in.  Remember that?  Want to breathe life into it again?

> >> Work:  Chronicles
> >>    Expression:  'Premiere Redaction, Proprement Dite'
> >>      Expression: A family
> >>        Expression:  M.804 text
> >>          Manifestation: group of all M.804s  (length 1)
> >>            Item: The M.804 Manuscript
> >>              Expression:  Rob's transcription of the M.804 manuscript
> >>                Manifestion: TeX (digital copy)
> >>                  Manifestation: Rendered TeX (paper)
> >>                    Item:  My copy at home.
> >>                Manifestion: XML
> >>                  Item:  Copy on my laptop
> >>                  Item:  Copy on a CD submitted for my PhD
> >>                  Manifestation:  Paper
> >>                    Item:  My copy at home

I think there is material for _another_ Ph.D, right there!

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