Dr Robert Sanderson wrote:

> Folks,
> If there was a URL version of the Update operation, would that be
> desirable, or just an XML over HTTP version (as opposed to SOAP)

I am getting confused about the objectives of SRW/SRU. I thought it was
meant as a lightweight web-service based alternative to Z39.50,
something that should be easy to implement for both servers and clients.

Now it seems that a new objective creeps in, about administration,
maintaining, updating and  deletion of databases and their content.

I belive it is better to keep the SRW standard slim and clean, and wait
for the IT industry to pick it up as it is.

If a need for DB maintanance arises in practice in future, the SRW
standard can pick it up then.

Maybe this proposal is just a little ahead of  time ??



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