Hi Leni,

Although I won't be in Florida, just thought that I'd say hello. I just
finished another web quest using the Learning Page resources--wonderful

Last summer Bob Gabrick and I did a "Teaching American History Grant"
week-long workshop for teachers in La Crosse WI. I was surprised that the
entire group had not used (or was familiar with)  American Memory. At this
point, I just figured that everyone got the word. As part of our
presentation on Reconstruction and the New Deal, we introduced the
resources on the Learning Page, as well as those in the various
collections. (PS The Veterans Project is so terrific too; great gems for
webquests and research projects.)

Since you wrote to everyone, I just wanted you to hear that this fine
resource (and the opportunity I was given in l999 as an AM Fellow) has
benefited so many--teachers and students. I am so glad that I have the
chance to share that wonderful opportunity with others.

Have a happy Christmas,
Barbara Markham '99

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