Hello everyone.

I am so very sorry. A computer worm sent itself to me by email (my address
must be in someone's infected address book) and then before my virus
checker could delete it (it was really fast), it sent itself to the whole
darned list!  Wow, what an efficient little beast!  Read more about it
here: .

If the attachment ( ) made it through to you, DO NOT OPEN IT.

In fact, just delete the message with the subject line: " ^_^ mew-mew (-: "
and be done with it.

I will never send a message with an attachment to this list
intentionally.  If I wish to share a file with you, I'll tell you where it
is and how to get it, or I'll offer to send it to interested parties
off-list (as is the list policy).

Sorry again, and thanks for your forgiveness.