Hello again,

I hope I didn't send anyone into a panic.

The W32/Bagle.f@MM is bad news. It's actually considered "low risk" but any
virus or worm is bad news.  It looks like what happened to me is that
someone out there with both MY address and the  AMFELLOWS list address in
their address book (i.e. someone on the list past or present) is infected
with [log in to unmask]

That person's computer sent the virus to the list PRETENDING to be me.  My
anti-virus software picked it up and alerted me to delete the message and
the attachment.  My Library of Congress PC was NEVER actually infected,
because I deleted the message before I opened it or its attachment.

So someone on the list is probably infected.  Please, for the holidays, buy
yourselves anti-virus software, install it on your computers, and update it every week.  If you already have the software, please
update it and scan your computers.  This variant is new.



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