Hi George,
I'm glad that you'll try to check in to the conference.  It's a new medium
for us and we are trying to test it with our content.  There are challenges.

As for an IP test of the video equipment, that would have to be with the
equipment in the Learning Center, not our new center in the Adams
Building.  The Adams network is in the process of converting from token
ring to ethernet, so our equipment isn't hooked up for IP, only ISDN.

The Learning Center IP address is:  The equipment is always
on, so you could try connecting at any time.  Try to pick a time when we on
the east coast wouldn't be likely to be using it so you won't risk getting
a busy signal.

Congratulations to you both on the work you continue to do.  I'm sure the
participants of your workshops are the beneficiaries of many wonderful
ideas and tips for using primary sources in their work.  These electronic
bells and whistles can only do so much;  it's always the people that make
the ultimate connection.

Happy holidays to you and yours,

At 01:09 PM 12/6/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Good morning/afternoon Judy,
>Carolyn and I will try connecting to your web conference on Wednesday
>December 8 at 11:00 PST.
>We would also like to test our newest video equipment and try to connect
>via ip.  If you could forward contact information we will make all the
>necessary arrangements.
>Carolyn and I continue to schedule/develop/present workshops showcasing
>digital primary source materials from the Library and the Archives.  This
>year we have scheduled three workshops in Nevada, two in the Panhandle of
>Florida, and one in Volusia County, Florida.  All of them are part of
>Teach American History Grants.  We have just finished delivering a primary
>source workshop in Marcopia County, Arizona.  The focus was a little
>different.  Primary source content was researched/developed and activities
>were presented using Reading/Language Art strategies grades 2-8. Very
>challenging, very successful!
>Dispute efforts by our congressional delegation we were unable to obtain
>full partnership (funding) to the Adventure of the American Mind
>consortium, but continue to operate as the only associate partner to the
>Happy Holiday Season,
>George and Carolyn Breaz

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