I am not sure if this is going to help, but I found in
WorldCat two biographies of Margaret Mann - cataloger :

1) Pond, Patricia Brown, Grotzinger, Laurel Ann (1975).Women
in the past as leaders in the library profession.
Los Angeles, Calif.: CREDR Corporation in cooperation the
American Library Association.
Series: American Library Association. Audio cassette library
for professional librarians
Abstract: Pond focuses on Mary Evelyn Hall as a major
personality; Grotzinger reviews the accomplishments of
Katharine Sharp and Margaret Mann.

2) Shaw, Dorothy R.(1950). The life and work of Margaret
Mann. Thesis (M.S.). Drexel Institute of Technology. Graduate
School of Library Science. 30 l.


Oksana Zavalina
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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>Hello All,
>I have had a communication from Margaret Maxwell.  She
remembers that
>awhile back, during the years she was active in ALISE and
ALA, she became
>acquainted with a fellow cataloging teacher whose name has
>escaped her.  This woman was working on a biography of
Margaret Mann.  As
>she would see this professional acquaintance over the years
she would make
>a point of asking her how she was coming with her research.
She always
>assured her that she was progressing well.
>Now she is wondering what happened to the project.  Neither
>Maxwell nor I can find evidence that the research resulted
in a book, and
>if it appeared as an article somewhere, we have not been
able to locate
>it.  Of course the fact that she doesn't remember the name
of the woman
>who was doing the research is a major stumbling block.
>Can anyone help us?
>Thank you so much,
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