Ms. Farley,
I recommend you contact some of the FLICC Competitive Sourcing working group
members who have first hand experince with the A-76 process.  They will be
much more helpful to you than I am since I lack that first hand experience.
Good luck in your efforts.
Ann Parham
Army Librarian

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Subject: Re: Competitive Sourcing: A Catalyst for Change

Ms. Farley,
   If I'm not mistaken, both Barbara Wrinkle, who heads the Air Force
Library Program in San Antonio, and Ann Parham, the Army Librarian, have
considerable experience in those two services with libraries that have gone
through the A76 process.  Navy libraries have dealt with this as well, but
as usual with the Navy there's no central office that I know of to consult
on this, although James King at the Naval Research Laboratory Library and
Maxine Reneker at the Naval Postgraduate School are always knowledgeable
sources about naval libraries.
   Good luck.

Richard Werking
U.S. Naval Academy

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Dear Colleagues,

The Technical Information Center and Library at the MSHA Academy is a
specialized collection focusing on mine health and safety.  We are in the
middle of a streamlined A-76 study at the moment. We should hear by December
20th whether or not they have decided to keep us in-house or go to the MEO,
advertise etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Advice?

This is a case where they are considering ALL library jobs including mine --
the librarian/director. This could possibly leave the Technical Information
Center and Library contract being managed by a federal employee with no
library education or training. Maybe this is typical -- I don't know.

I would like to hear any and all experiences. There is no way that I could
attend this session and I fear that it will be too late in the game to help

Yvonne Farley
Technical Information Center and Library
National Mine Safety and Health Academy
1301 Airport Road
Beaver, WV 25813

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Subject: Competitive Sourcing: A Catalyst for Change--FLICC Brown Bag


Brown Bag Series

Competitive Sourcing: A Catalyst for Change

Bring Your Lunch!

Join your colleagues for a discussion of the competitive sourcing process
including possible outcomes, how it may happen and what has to be done.
Experienced librarians from a number of federal agencies will provide an
overview of the process, introduce vocabulary, clarify acronyms such as MEO,
SOW, PWS and COTR, and share resources. There will be opportunity for
audience discussion and comments, and the program will end with a question
and answer session.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

12:30 noon--3:00 p.m. (Registration begins at 12:00 noon)

West Dining Room, Madison Building, Library of Congress, 101 Independence
Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C. Feel free to bring your lunch to this session
or purchase it at the Library of Congress cafeteria (Madison Building, 6th

Capitol South (Orange and Blue lines)

FLICC Competitive Sourcing Working Group

Free--but advance registration is required. Visit the FLICC Educational
Programs Web site at to register
online or call the FLICC office at (202) 707-4800. To view a PDF version of
this Meeting Announcement visit

Request ADA accommodations five business days in advance at (202) 707-6362
TTY or [log in to unmask]

Call FLICC (202) 707-4800; TTY (202) 707-4995

Please notify FLICC (202) 707-4800 if you are unable to attend to allow
those on the waiting list a chance to register.