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Analytical flame spectroscopy:  selected topics / C. Th. J. Alkemade ...
[et al.]; edited by R. Mavrodineanu, 1970

Applied Earth Science / Turner, 1969

Atomic spectrometic [sic] analysis of heavy-metal pollutants in water
/David C. Burrell, 1974

Coastal sedimentary environments, 1978

Cellulose acetate electrophoresis,  techniques and applications / H.P.
Chin, 1970

Chromatographic systems : maintenance and troubleshooting /  John Q.
Walker, Minor T. Jackson, Jr., James B. Maynard, 1977

Colorimetric determination of traces of metals, 1965

Ecological Toxicology research: effects of heavy metals and
organohalogen compounds, 1975

Employment in  Agricultural and Agribusiness Operations, Region 2 / US
Dept. Agriculture, ERS-572, 1974

Fluorescence analysis;  a practical approach / Charles E. White and
Robert J. Argauer, 1970

Fluorescence assay in biology and medicine v.2-3, 1962-1969

Gas analysis by gas chromatography, / P.G. Jeffery and P.J. Kipping,

Industrial gas chromatographic trace analysis / Horst Hachenberg., 1973

Ion exchange in analytical chemistry, /  William Rieman III and Harold
F. Walton, 1970

Luminescence spectrometry in analytical chemistry / J.D. Winefordner,
S.G. Schulman, and T.C. O'Haver, 1972

Modern practice of liquid chromatography. / Edited by J.J. Kirkland,

New Jersey Trends / ed. Norman, 1974

Nuclear power issues and choices: report of the nuclear energy policy
study group, 1977

Pesticides and the immune system: the public health risks, 1996

Petroleum spills in the marine environment, 1985

Practical liquid chromatography / S.G. Perry, R. Amos, and P.I. Brewer,

Recent advances in gas chromatography. / Edited by Irving I. Domsky and
John A. Perry, 1971

Roget's Thesaurus, 1962

Semiquantitative spectrochemistry, / by Charles E. Harvey, 1964

Standard methods for the examination of water and sewage, 1947

Standard methods for the examination of water, sewage, and industrial
wastes, 1955

Streams, Lakes, Ponds / Coker, 1954

Stormwater modeling / Overton & Meadows, 1976

Surface Water control in New Jersey parts 1-2, 1967

Survey of lake rehabilitation techniques and experiences, 1974

Toxic substances control source book, 1978

Trace analysis :  spectroscopic methods for elements / edited by J.D.
Winefordner, 1976

Water Chemicals Codex, 1982

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