How are hierarchical non-geographical subjects like
"Widgets--Andorra--18th century" expressed with 1 authority = 1


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A new (preliminary) draft of MADS is available at:

Similar to the previous draft, there is a companion version of MODS
a slight change from the earlier version, and still compatible with
MODS 3.0

Some changes in this draft from the November 23 draft:

1. The following is now explicit in the schema:
Each authority, related, or variant element has exactly one descriptor.
Before, it could have more than one, but that was to accomodate
name-title (so you included a name descriptor and a title descriptor)
but aside from the name-title combination, there was no other case where
it made sense to include more than one descriptor. What we've done is to
add a nameTitle descriptor. (It combines name and title, and  also
includes role, which is applicable only for a name-title, and role is
therefore removed from the name definion.)