> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 21:18:10 +0000
> From: Dr Robert Sanderson <[log in to unmask]>
> > Hmm.  To represent three closely related services, I would expect
> > either to need one record or three.  To need two does seem perverse.
> The SRU and SRW services are absolutely identical with the only difference
> being that one accepts the parameters via SOAP and one via the URL.
> There is then a huge jump to Z39.50 which:
> * Doesn't use HTTP
> * Supports multiple record syntaxes, not just XML
> * Supports multiple query languages, not just CQL
> * I know of only two implementations out of hundreds that support CQL,
>    which is done via a very recent extension to the protocol.
> * Has a totally different service definition
> * Doesn't support server side result set naming
> * Doesn't support a single Explain operation
> * Supports multiple databases at the same endpoint
> * ... ... ...

You make a compelling case.  I think I am re-persuaded.

> If there were any functional difference between SRU and SRW, then I
> would agree. But ZeeRex describes the capabilities of the server,
> not the syntax in which the server accepts requests.

Hoo, haha, well, not exactly.  This is _mostly_ true, but where it
breaks down is that <serverInfo> is precisely to do with "the syntax
in which the server accepts requests".  And so that is the part that
people are suggesting making repeatable.

However --

> [...] I would have no problem with a new way to specify what is
> currently in the protocol attribute of serverInfo.
> For example:
> <serverInfo>
>   <protocols>
>     <protocol identifier="">
>       <title>SRW</title>
>       <version>1.1</version>
>       <transport>http</transport>
>       <method>POST</method>
>     </protocol>
>   </protocols>
>   <host>
>   <port>
>   <database>
> </serverInfo>

-- this is a better, more explicit, way of saying what we seem to mean

> But for the mean time, this seems over-engineering when we have a
> perfectly usable "SRW/U" item in the @protocol enumeration.

Reluctantly, I agree.

> > I am slowly being persuaded towards multiple <serverInfo>s.
> To make myself slightly more clear, as the ZeeRex schema maintainer:
> You'll pry multiple serverInfos from my cold dead fingers =)

To make myself slightly more clear, as the domain
owner and administrator:


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