I don't know where we left off on this discussion.  It sounds much like the
discussion we had (15 years ago) when  'brief' and 'full' indicators were
suggested for Z39.50, and that discussion resulted in the element set name
parameter.  What's different now that would justify a 'brief' indicator?

Then, moving on a number of years to the most recent ZIG meeting (April
2002) we firmly decided in the ZIG that element set names (in the XML world)
were tantamount to schema names.  So yes, we would have a MarcXML and
BriefMarcXML, Brief1MarcXML, etc.  What's changed since 2002?


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So I have multiple schemas available.  One is MarcXML and the other is
BriefMarcXML.  Can't we agree on some mechanism to indicate that the one
is a variant on the other with fewer elements?  I think a place to put
the URI of the full schema and a simple briefness indicator would be