Hello everybody:

OK, I'm officially tired of those bad, bad people who pretend to be ME and
send email messages with infected attachments to entire lists like
ours.  The good news is that I have the power to do something about it.

Please just delete "Is delivered mail" and "Delivery service mail" from
your inboxes, preferably unopened.  If your email attachments are stored
separately, also make sure to delete the files that were attached to those
messages "" and "Jol03.exe".  **DO NOT OPEN THESE FILES.**  My
anti-virus software has identified these files as virus-infected.

The old policy was a little like copyright... (kind of a can/may thing)
what you *could* do technically and what was *allowed* were different:

Technically list members *could* send attachments to the list, and some
valuable information was shared this way.  But as a courtesy to those whose
email software doesn't handle attachments well, or to those whose modems
took forever to download email with attachments, there was a policy
requesting that attachments *not* be sent to the list.

I just changed the way the list works.  From now on, you not only *may not*
and *should not* (i.e. based on policy) but you also *can not* (based on
technical restrictions) send attachments to the AMfellows List.

This includes those little V-card Security Attachments. So if you use them,
please switch the attachment off before sending a message to this
list.  (I'm not sure if the attachment or the whole message will be rejected.)

Unless you hear from me to the contrary, any attachments that appear to
come from this list in the future are guaranteed to be someone spoofing the
email address and will probably contain a virus, spyware, a Trojan horse,
or some other "malware."  You should delete those attachments immediately
without opening them.

Please continue to share information with list members.  If the information
is text based, just put it in the BODY of the message, even if it loses its
formatting.  If the item is something that requires formatting, or is a
file (a photo for example) that can't be represented as plain text, you
should send an announcement and then a URL to the location of the item OR
in your message, offer it off-list to those who write to you directly.

I'm sorry if the "no attachments" law inconveniences anyone.  I think in
the long run, we'll all be happier not having to worry about bad
attachments from this list.

AMfellows List Cop


    Elizabeth L. Brown
    Digital Reference Specialist
    Library of Congress, Washington, DC  20540-4604
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