No evidence that you are nuts here. You can also do the same using ftp. But
... if you are not connected to the Internet or suffering network problems,
you run into problems, because the parser/validator cannot locate and
retrieve the DTD. Parsing against a remote DTD or schema also tends to be
slower, as it involves locating and retrieving the DTD or schema over the
Internet rather than from a local disk. In the best of all possible worlds,
parsing/validating against the authoritative source would be very good, but
given the vagaries of the Internet, I tend to use a locally stored copy of
the schema or DTD.


At 03:56 PM 1/31/2005, you wrote:

>I'm wondering if there's a reason that the EAD DTD is not made available
>via http on the LC site?
>If it were, it would be possible to parse against the canonical version of
>the DTD, rather than simply against a local copy.  This is what folks are
>doing with METS, since the METS schema is on the LC site for METS.
>Am I nuts?  Overlooking something?
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