RLG is pleased to announce an innovative application for the archival community. RLG's EAD Report Card--the first Web application that automatically checks the quality of your EAD encoding--is freely available.

Created by popular demand, the tool supplements RLG's award-winning RLG Best Practice Guidelines for Encoded Archival Description. Whether or not you've already been working with these guidelines, this tool will help quality control and productivity, by ensuring conformance  with community-wide guidelines. Once you upload one of your finding aids, the program will flag any discrepancies. It also cites the relevant part of the guidelines, so you can fix what you have wrong on the spot.

The EAD Report Card can be accessed here:

The EAD Best Practice Guidelines are also available:

We welcome your feedback. Tell us what you think via the feedback link in the EAD Web application, or send email to Merrilee Proffitt, [log in to unmask]

RLG commissioned the EAD Report Card as part of our continuing commitment to making archival collections more accessible on the Web. We also offer RLG Archival Resources, a database of archival materials. All institutions are encouraged to contribute their finding aids to this growing resource; to add yours, go to:

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