Sorry, my english isn't good...

I'm a 21 years-old Archivology (Undergraduate) student
from Bahia Federal University (Universidade Federal da

I'm making a research, with CNPq (National Research
Concil) grant, category Scientific Iniciate, about
Long-term Digital Preservation of Archival
informations. I want to make a presentation about EAD
at 'VI National Information Science Meeting', and I
don't found instituition using EAD at Brazil (I found
only the Conteporary Art Museum, at Universidade de
São Paulo).

EAD isn't well known at my country, and I want to
promote EAD with 2 papers this year (another paper is
for VI Mercosul Archivology Congress. Mercosul is a
Latin American economic block with participation of:
Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay e Uruguay).

If anybody have any informations about: a) Brazilian
case from Brazil; b) Studies about EAD <=> OAIS; and
c) Studies about EAD how metadata standard for digital
preservation. I will be very thankiest! :)

Sorry about my english again,

Ricardo Sodre Andrade
Bahia Federal University
Information Science Institute

Discente de Arquivologia - UFBa

"Pense como uma pessoa de ação e
aja como uma pessoa que pensa"
               Henri Louis Bergson

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