This is good.

Rebecca wrote:

> See what you think of what I just put up. It has a column for notes. I
> contemplated whether to combine the deprecated jw and the deprecated jaw
> in one line. jaw was an alternative code in the initial ISO 639-2, but
> only because it was based on the erroneous jw code. So in order to put
> different notes I made 2 lines, but they could be combined if people think
> that is better.

1. I think that combining the two deprecated entries into one line would
be better.

2. Also, there should be a hyphen preceding the code -jw in the table.

3. Ideally, I also think there should also be a note for each Dep
(deprecated) entry in the table. This need not necessarily justify or
explain the reason for deprecaton: just giving a date when the Deprecation
was made could be a sufficient note.

John Clews