> From: ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee [mailto:[log in to unmask]] On Behalf
> Of Anila Angjeli

> One possibility for ISO 639-3 is that each entry in the code table points
> to an entry in the Ethnologue or other sources to provide background
> information that would make clear what the intended denotation is. At a
> minimum, a "comments" field is needed, and might be a useful addition for
> the ISO 639 code tables. If there were a comments field, then that is
> where
> I would indicate for the "oci" ID, "Encompasses Auvergnat, Gascon,
> Languedocien, Provenšal, Shaudit, Vivaroalpine."
> >>>I agree, provided that Ethnologue be modified as far as Occitan and its
> dialects is concerned.

I agree that cross-referencing the Ethnologue would only work well if the Ethnologue were modified.

I was suggesting a comments field being added to the code tables for ISO 639-3 or for ISO 639-2 (perhaps not in the print edition but online) as an alternative to cross-referencing the Ethnologue. I prefer this option, actually.

Peter Constable