> From: ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee [mailto:[log in to unmask]] On
> Of John Clews

> 1. I think that combining the two deprecated entries into one line
> be better.

> 3. Ideally, I also think there should also be a note for each Dep
> (deprecated) entry in the table. This need not necessarily justify or
> explain the reason for deprecaton: just giving a date when the
> was made could be a sufficient note.

If alpha-2 and alpha-3 IDs are deprecated and the dates are the same and
they pertain to the same item, then I think it would be OK to combine
them in a single entry. If the dates are different, or (obviously) if
they are for different languages, separate entries should be used, IMO.

In this particular case, then, the only question in my mind is what date
"jw" was first publicly stated to be an error.

Peter Constable