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Subject: Re: New ISO 639 proposal: Hyam - Discussion (until 2005-01-14)

Dear Havard Hjulstad and Peter Constable,
My apologies for the late reply; I've been away from my email.  Thank you for giving your attention to this matter.
Truly, the latter drove us to make the request, i.e. software projects.
We are working with 5 languages: Gong, Gworok (Kagoro), Hyam, Jju (Kaje) and Tyap (Kataf) and need separate ISO 639 codes for each one; this became clear to us when we made contact with the developers at GNOME.
Is it possible at this time for you to consider the other 3 languages we are working with as well?  In the event that you can, below is the latest information I have (in brief) on all 5:
Language [suggested alpha-3] - holding institution(number)):
Gong [gng] - Fantsuam Foundation(30)
Gworok [gwr] - Kagoro Bible Translation Trust(50)
Hyam [jab] - Fantsuam Foundation(50)
Jju [jju] - Fantsuam Foundation(200)
Tyap [tya] - Atyap Bible Translation Trust(100)
Fantsuam Foundation is the recommending institution for all five of the languages, however joining Fantsuam in lending support for Tyap is the Agwa Tyap, the traditional ruler of the Atyap people.
I, Uchenna Agbim, am the Project Manager/Coordinator.
Just in case you require a formal application online for the other 3, I have just made the necessary submissions at the ISO 639-2 site.  My apologies for any typos I may have made in my rush to submit.
Thanks in advance,

H�vard Hjulstad <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Uchenna Agbim,

Relating to your request to register ISO 639 language identifiers for Hyam
and Gong/Kagoma: Please see the concern expressed by one of our experts. Any

Best regards,
H�vard Hjulstad

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Subject: Re: New ISO 639 proposal: Hyam - Discussion (until 2005-01-14)


Could you please ask the submitters of the Hyam and Gong requests for
clarification as to whether they are wanting alpha-3 identifiers for
documentation purposes (e.g. for use by libraries or in Web content), or
whether they are needing it for use with internationalization infrastructure
in their software projects?

Peter Constable

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