There is some confusion out in the world regarding the alpha-2 symbol "jw" in relation to Javanese. See the message below as an example.


The history is that, in ISO 639:1988, there was an error in Table 1 (Alphabetical list of two-letter language symbols): it showed "jw" for Javanese rather than "jv". Tables 2 and 3 as well as the Annex correctly showed "jv". The error was documented in ISO 639-1:2002.


Nothing is mentioned at about "jw" since it was never considered assigned, hence never changed. But one can't easily find *any* documentation regarding "jw" on the ISO 639 sites (as far as I know, there isn't any). Thus, there isn't any way for people to get clarification about "jw".


I'd like to suggest that we add the following entry at the end of the list of additions/changes to ISO 639 so that "jw" is documented:




Javanese [jw published in error; withdrawn]








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We have code in ICU that maps obsolete codes, and it maps jw to jv. I was

checking lstreg,,

and and I couldn't

find jw. But I see it in google, such as in SIL:


If it was indeed a language code, it sounds like it is mistakenly missing

from and thus from