Yes, MADS will need to accommodate our wealth of information in MARC
authority records, which includes not only names of people, organizations
and places, but also subjects.

So, unfortunately, the case is that there are definitely exceptions,
particularly with subjects, where the variant of the authoritative
name/subject is of a different type. An example is a subject heading for
the South African War which has a variant coded as a geographic name under
South Africa:

150 $a South African War, 1899-1902
451 $a South Africa $x History $y South African War, 1899-1902
In this coding, the authoritative heading is a subject and the variant
a geographic; in MADS it would translate as:
 <topic>South African War, 1899-1902
  <geographic>South Africa
      <temporal>South African War, 1899-1902

There are also very specific rules for when you consider something like an
event a subject vs. an organization, and in these cases there could be a
mixture of types in heading/variant.

There are fewer instances in variant names, but these do need to be

And, if you're interested, the Bill Clinton record has that United States
reference because there are rules for when you consider something written
by or about a president as a person vs. official documents by or about the
administration, which is considered an organization/corporate body.

So I'm back to thinking that the schema will not be able to force certain
constructs, and that some other tools would need to be used-- perhaps a
validator of some sort (if the rules can be determined) or guidelines
(which is what we have for MODS).


On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:

> On Jan 3, 2005, at 5:44 PM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> > Regardless of whether you think our name practices are insane (and I
> > would not want
> > to have to defend them), the fact is that MADS will need to accommodate
> > them.
> I guess the question becomes how.  I just don't see how MADS can hope
> to be coherent if you don't set some ground rules.
> If I see the below, I would assume coding this stuff -- positions
> within various governments -- in separate structures; something like:
> > Search Also Under:  Arkansas. Governor (1979-1981 : Clinton)
> >                     Arkansas. Governor (1983-1992 : Clinton)
> >                     United States. President (1993-2001 : Clinton)
> <mads xmlns="">
>    <person>
>      <name>
>        <authority>
>          <givenname>Bill</givenname>
>          <familyname>Clinton</familyname>
>        </authority>
>        <variant type="alternate">
>          <givenname>William</givenname>
>          <familyname>Clinton</familyname>
>        </variant>
>      </name>
>      <affiliation>
>         <position>Governor</position>
>         ...
>      </affiliation>
>      <affiliation>
>         <position>Governor</position>
>         ...
>      </affiliation>
>      <affiliation>
>            <position>President</position>
>         ...
>      </affiliation>
>    </person>
> </mads>
> Bruce